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Become a Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365(CRM) Consultant in 8 Weeks.

Boost your career by enrolling in Dynamics 365(CRM) Training. This training teaches you the fundamentals of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) from basics to advanced concepts, and also builds skills to customize and configure dynamics 365(CRM) & PowerApps. 

The cohort is limited to 20 people.
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Satish Reddy

Microsoft Certified Trainer, Architect

He has 13+ years of experience as a Dynamics 365(CRM) trainer and trained 50k+ students across the globe both online and offline. 

Course Overview

This comprehensive training teaches you the advanced concepts of Microsoft Dynamics 365(CRM) that can be applied to real-world business challenges. It is a project-based learning program, where students will build a complete working CRM application using Microsoft tools and services. It's designed by industry experts to teach you the concepts and techniques that you can use in your professional setting.

One way to move closer toward your goal of becoming a certified professional on Dynamics 365 is by enrolling in the course from Dynamicslabs and gaining knowledge of the fundamentals of implementing CRM at organisations. This will equip you with essential skills related to customizing reports, dashboards and templates, allowing you to build reports that are specifically reflective of your organisation's needs.

Boost your career as a certified Dynamics 365 professional by enrolling on our 60 days comprehensive training.

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Student Testimonial

Watch how Prathiksha transformed her career with the Dynamics 365 CRM Training Challenge

Why our training?

Industry demand course curriculum which is regularly updated. Ensuring that you are always up-to-date on the latest advancements in this field.

Our training modules are designed more for practical learning method

Structured use cases that will test your abilities in a real-world environment and teach you valuable skills needed to succeed in the business world

Interactive face-to-face classroom training 

Student testimonials

Who is this Training for?

Working Progessionals (From Non-technical backgroud)

Who wants to transition to an in-demand & profitable career.


Who wants to transition to an in-demand & profitable career.

Functional Consultants

Who wants to grow their skill-set in Dynamics 365(CRM)


Who wants to transition to an in-demand & profitable career.

Business Analyst

Who wants to learn about Dynamics 365(CRM) for their career growth.

Why Dynamics 365(CRM) Career?

2K Jobs/Month

In India alone, an average of 2000 jobs are being created every month



Microsoft Dynamics 365(CRM) is one of the in demand career in the marketin right now.


INR ₹ 13L

A Dynamics 365(CRM) Consultant  with 3 years experience gets paid INR 17L per annum on an average

INR 3k-6k/hr

Dynamics 365(CRM) earn an average of INR 3K-6K per hour in India and even more in countries like US & UK, with the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.


What you'll learn inside this training

Week 1

Introduction to Dynamics 365 & PowerApps

  • Introduction

  • Project Driven Approach

    Dynamics 365 and PowerApps

  • Creating a Trial Account

  • Introduction to Dynamics 365

  • Introduction to Power Platform

  • Model-driven Vs Canvas Apps

  • Introduction to Model-Driven Apps

Dynamics 365 Admin Center

  • Introduction to Admin Center and Environments

  • Enabling Early Access Features

Week 2

Common Data Service

  • Terminology changes in CDS
  • Components of CDS
  • Creating Solution and Publisher
  • Creating App and Sitemap
  • Customizing an Existing Entity
  • ER Modeling
  • Creating Custom Entity
  • Adding Attributes
  • Form Structure
  • Custom Entity and Option Sets


  • Introduction to Relationships
  • Creating a 1 to N Relationship
  • Introduction to Relationship Behaviour
  • Relationship Behaviour Case Study Northwind Approach
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Introduction to Hierarchy Relationship
  • Creating a Hierarchy Relationship
  • Many to Many Relationships
  • Creating a Many to Many Relationship
  • Connections and Connection Roles


  • Introduction to Views
  • Creating a View
  • Types of Views
  • Quick Find Views
  • Personal Views

Week 3

Advanced Field Type
  • Calculated Fields
  • Rollup Fields


Form Types
  • Main Form
  • Quick Create Form
  • Quick View Form


Business Rules
  • Introduction to Business Rules
  • Demo on Business Rules
  • Scope of Business Rules


  • Introduction to Security
  • Adding a user
  • Users and Ownership
  • Business Units
  • Introduction to Security Roles
  • Deep Dive into Security Roles
  • Demo on Security in Dynamics 365
  • Northwind Assignment
  • Sharing feature in Dynamics 365
  • Introduction to Hierarchy Security- Manager
  • Introduction to Processes
  • Creating a Workflow
  • Deep Dive into Workflows
  • Creating a Northwind Email using Workflow
  • Northwind Auto-populate Workflow
  • Wait Condition
  • Timeout Condition
  • Introduction to BPF
  • BPF Extensions


Power Automate
  • Introduction to Power Automate
  • Creating a Power Automate Flow
  • Approval flows in Power Automate
  • Enabling Change Tracking for Entities in CDS


Data Management
  • Data Import Wizard
  • Data Import Wizard Advanced
  • Duplicate Detection Rules
  • Duplicate Detection Jobs
    Introduction to Auditing

Week 4


  • Data Import Template
  • Email Template
  • Document Templates

Search Capabilities

  • Introduction to Search Capabilities and Categorized Search
  • Relevance Search


  • Languages
  • Field Translations
  • Currency


  • Solutions
  • Unmanaged VS Managed Solution
  • Exporting a Managed Solution
  • (Optional) Download My Unmanaged Solution
  • Deleting a Solution
  • Patching a Solution
    Cloning a Solution

Document Management

  • File Attachment
  • SharePoint Integration
  • OneDrive Integration
  • OneNote Integration

Additional Topics

  • Data Encryption
  • Diagnostic tool to Verify Network Capacity and Throughput

Introduction to Portals

  • Introduction
  • Key Terminology Changes for Portals
  • Provisioning a Portal
  • Overview of Contact Record in Portal
  • Authentication
  • PowerApps Portal Studio
  • Configuring Menu Items using Web Links Sets
  • Entity Lists (Lists)
  • Entity Forms (Basic Forms)
  • Entity Forms - Edit Form (Basic Forms- Edit Form)
  • Clearing Server-side Cache
  • Working with Code Editor
  • Liquid Data types
  • Liquid Objects
  • Iterations in Liquid
  • Portal Security

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps
Developer Training

Week 5 & 6

Introduction, Architecture and Web Services

  • Important UI Changes: New Unified Interface
  • Target Audience and Prerequisites
  • Introduction & Why Custom Coding?
  • Understanding Architecture
  • Dynamics 365 Web Services
  • Prerequisite - Setting up Dynamics 365 Online Trial Instance
  • Prerequisite - Installation of Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
  • Prerequisite - Creating a Publisher and Solution - Getting Ready for

Fundamentals of Plugin Development

  • Understanding Plugin Pipeline
  • Plugin Messages
  • Hello World Plugin - Preparing Project Template
  • Hello World Plugin - Writing Code
  • Hello World Plugin - Deploying and Testing
  • Reading Data from Primary Entity in Plugin
  • Second Plugin - Creating a Task using Organization Web Service
  • Deploying Task Plugin
  • Understanding Plugin Pipeline Stages
  • Third Plugin - Duplicate Check Plugin Development
  • Third Plugin - Duplicate Check Plugin Deployment
  • Debugging Plugins
  • Images in Plugin & Advantages
  • Browsing Metadata Easily with Chromium Metadata Browser

Plugin Development - Deep Dive - Advanced

  • Impersonation in Plugins
  • Pass data between plug-ins using Shared Variables
  • Understanding Context.Depth in Plugin
  • Plugin Isolation Mode or Trust
  • Handling Configuration data in a Plugin
  • Asynchronous Plugins

Custom Workflows

  • Introduction to Custom Workflows
  • Creating Configuration Entity for Custom Workflow Demo
  • Development of Custom Workflows
  • Development of Custom Workflows (Continued)
  • Deploying Custom Workflows
  • Debugging Custom Workflows
  • Using Assembly Versioning in Custom Workflows
  • Comparison: Plugins Vs Workflows

Console App Integration Using Xrm Tooling

  • Introduction to Xrm Tooling & Console Application
  • Developing Console Application
  • New Connection String Format in Dynamics 365
  • Querying data using FetchXML
  • Aggregate Operations using Fetch XML
  • Querying data using LINQ - Late Binding
  • Complex LINQ Queries
  • Early Binding
  • Late Binding Vs Early Binding
  • Using LINQ with Early Binding

Advanced Messaging Operations using
Service.Execute() - Request Response Classes

  • Introduction to Service.Execute Method
  • Using Service.Execute for CRUD and Advanced Messaging
  • Working with ExecuteMultipleRequest

Week 7 & 8


  • Introduction to Client-side Scripting
  • Understanding Client-side Events
  • Introduction to Client API
  • Deploying and Testing Web Resources

Fundamentals of JavaScript Web Resources

  • Using Namespace Notation
  • Converting to Namespace Notation
  • Demo - Phone number validation
  • Displaying Notifications
  • Client API - Attributes and Controls
  • Working with Option Sets
  • Working with Look-ups
  • Form Types and How to use them
  • Debugging JavaScript Web Resources

Deep dive into JavaScript Web Resources

  • Working with AutoSave
  • Organizing JavaScript files
  • Migrating from old code: Xrm.Page to formContext

HTML Web Resources

  • Introduction to HTML Web Resources
  • Accessing form elements from HTML
  • Referring to other files in HTML Web Resources


  • Introduction
  • Demo - Creating a Record Using Web API
  • Demo - Retrieving data Using Web API
  • Building Advanced Queries Using Web API

Sample Application - Google Map Integration with
Dynamics 365

  • Demo - Google Map Integration


  • On successful completion of training, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from us.


  • By successfully clearing the PL:200 exams, you will earn Microsoft Certification.

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